Treatments – Areas of Expertise

Dual-Diagnosis Group and Family Therapy

Psycho-dynamic focused group therapy is extremely effective in the treatment of mental health and addictive disorders. Led by highly experienced dual diagnosis clinicians, our clients spend between 4-6 hours in group therapy each day. Ascend therapists utilize many approaches to assist clients in developing the skills necessary to live a healthier, more satisfying life in recovery.

Dual-Diagnosis Individual Therapy

Ascend Recovery is built on a relational therapy model, with the goal of developing a strong therapeutic alliance between therapist and client. Our clients meet one-on-one with their primary therapist a minimum of twice weekly. Our therapists are highly trained in many treatment modalities and work with our clients to increase awareness and skills for coping.

Wellness Therapies

Our wellness therapies help clients:
  • Eliminate Cravings
  • Stabilize Mood
  • Restore Energy
  • Sleep Well
Drug and alcohol use prevents the normal conversion of amino acids to neurotransmitters and thus affects brain chemistry which can cause anxiety, depression, short attention span, hostile and aggressive behavior, poor memory, and drug and alcohol cravings. Amino acid supplementation helps to heal and repair and can help stabilize mood and curb cravings.
Our nutrition program works in much the same way. We serve nourishing foods that replenish the fuel your body has been deprived of without sacrificing great flavor and the innate comfort that food provides.
Daily exercise is a critical component of our recovery program as it fortifies the body and helps clear the mind. Many of our clients find a new love for physical fitness and the tension release that daily exercise provides.
Combined, our wellness therapies help restore balance and speed physical and emotional healing.

Trauma Informed Therapy

We recognize that trauma and loss is a near universal experience for our clients. Such experiences can have a broad and lasting impact on a client’s ability to heal. Ascend offers a safe and inviting, multi-sensory environment to heal unresolved trauma.
Our treatment modalities include: single gender group therapy sessions, expressive arts programming, psychodrama, DBT informed clinicians and treatment, somatic experiencing, and more.

Psychiatric & Medical Interventions

Ascend recovery provides psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and weekly psychiatric visits to our clients. We know that to provide the highest quality dual diagnosis treatment we must provide truly sophisticated Psychiatry. Our psychiatrists are board certified and specialize in addiction medicine.

Experiential Therapy

Our intensive Experiential Therapy program provides clients the opportunity to move beyond what they are learning in ‘talk’ therapies and begin to put into use newly developed therapy skills, coping strategies, and… ( fill in the blank). Experiential therapy is offered on a daily basis.
Some experiential therapy approaches we utilize are equine therapy (minimum twice weekly), expressive arts program, music therapy, pottery, and a challenge courses including high ropes events. There is no greater way for a client to integrate, or ‘rehearse solutions’ for healthy living. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer a truly amazing experiential therapy program to our clients.