New Health Resiliency Stress Questionnaire

Ascends very own Medical Director, Dr. Susie Wiet, has come out with amazing research and developed a new health resiliency stress questionnaire. Dr. Wiet is an integrative developmental psychiatrist with expertise in holistic treatment of trauma-addiction, dual diagnosis, and complex psychiatric disorders. She synthesizes functional medicine principles, honed therapeutic skills (trauma-informed, psychodynamic and EMDR trained), and allopathic medical training to provide comprehensive treatment for optimal healing and conservative use of medication.

Working with a diversity of patients and colleagues, some highlights across her career include: Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative (TRC, founder and chair), author of the Health-Resiliency Stress Questionnaire (HRSQ, pending validation), Psychiatric Consultant (Clinics of Utah, Dept. of Health: Primary Care Integration Project), sequential Medical Directorships (University of Utah and community mental health organizations), Course-Director for Adolescent Addiction (UofU), and educator/presenter on trauma-resiliency and adolescent addiction (locally, regionally and nationally).

She is Adjunct Volunteer Faculty (Assistant Professor) at the University of Utah (UofU, Dept. of Psychiatry) and partakes active roles on community-based committees, and is an active board member of the Alumni Board School of Medicine (UofU) and the Academy on Violence and Abuse (AVA). She has received many awards for teaching, service, initiative, advocacy and excellence of care. She graduated from Northwestern University Medical School (Chicago, IL) and trained at the U of U in General Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (fellowship). She holds three American Medical Board certifications: General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine. She is a member of several professional organizations, most recently Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Wiet has been apart of our team since 2016.

Check out her article on the questionnaire. Anyone can use this questionnaire and its free!

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