Lauren Rencher

Lauren began her training as a Yoga instructor in Utah’s longest running aYoga Alliance certified Yoga school and Ashtanga Yoga teaching school located in Provo, UT where she received her 200-hour certification; she is currently completing her 500-hour certification. On top of her certifications and studying at UVU for a degree in Community Heath and Psychology, Lauren is the mother to a beautiful girl.
For over fifteen years, Lauren struggled with addictions to alcohol and other substances, but with the help of the Ascend team, Lauren has been sober since March 3, 2010. Ascend helped Lauren realign her life. In fact, while she was enrolled at Ascend she began her certification as a Yoga instructor. It was an easy choice to come back to Ascend to help others recover from their addictions. With the help of her treatment coupled with her study of Yoga, Lauren is, for the first time in her life, comfortable in her own skin.
As an alcoholic with a dual-diagnosis, Lauren understands where clients come from when they talk about anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue. She can also relate to what it feels like to be in treatment. It can be emotionally overwhelming, a physical and mental relief, and a lot of hard work. She sees the connection with the patients when she tells them clients she’s an alcoholic. She’s been there, and now she’s back to help through Yoga.