Kyle Crossett

Kyle Crossett is a homegrown Utahan that takes great pride in being an effective member of his community.  Kyle received a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Science with an emphasis is Psychology and a Master of Science in Counseling Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

            Kyle began his career, of person centered services, through providing direct care as a mentor to at risk youth.  Through his experience as a mentor, Kyle gained an understanding that he wanted to work with those who may be struggling in their lives, feel more enriched and find their own purpose to fulfill.  Long past are the days of being a mentor to at risk youth, and Kyle continues to help others help themselves through being a counselor.  Kyle holds an unrestricted license to work as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has worked the last 6 years nearly exclusively with individuals suffering from a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance use.  Prior to joining the Ascend team, Kyle focused his time in working with local nonprofit organizations to provide care to those with limited resources.  Kyle lives with a traumatic brain injury and can appreciate his second chance of life.  This helps him to push others to make the most of their lives.  Kyle approaches counseling through a person centered, strengths based, solution focused lens.

            In his free time, Kyle focuses his attention on being a supportive husband to his wife and an encouraging father to his 2 year old daughter.  Kyle finds solace in longboarding mountain trails and scuba diving tropic seas.