About Us

Ascend Recovery is designed to help patients suffering from addiction to move through a system of levels of care that would return patients from a residential treatment environment all the way back to their own independent lives. Ascend Recovery bases treatment on evidence based practices that do not simply help patients graduate a residential program but rather assist them in structuring lives in recovery that they find rewarding. Our patients move step by step from alcohol and drug dependence to a life of rewarding independence. Treatment at Ascend is individualized and integrates three levels of care corresponding to each patients needs. They include: Residential Care, incorporating every aspect of our treatment approach treating addiction as a disease. Extended Care, a transitional level of care focusing upon ‘executive functioning’ skills to more effectively step individual clients down in their level of care. Sober Living, patients at this level of care achieve full reintegration into the community with outpatient ongoing support. This level of care is exclusive to patients who started with Ascend in Residential Care thus leveraging both shared experience and continuity of care.

Our Team