Regular Payments

Please click the gold Payment Button under the specific fee or allowance amount to make a payment.

Standard Treatment Fees


Deposit to Reserve a Bed:

Lake House (Residential Level of Care) 1st 30-day:

Lake House (ResidentialLevel of Care) additional 30-days:

Eagle View (Extended Level of Care) 30-days:

Riley House (Sober Living Level of Care) 30-days:

Patient Allowances

(payment includes a 3% processing fee):

Lake House Standard $20:

Lake House Other $40:

Eagle View Standard $80:

Other Standard $100:

Unique Payments

If none of the above options fit, please use the Donate Button below to choose any amount for a payment.

Please click the blue Donate Button to make payments for unique treatment fee payments or one-time unique purchases for loved ones. Please include 3% processing fee when credit card funds are for purchasing items (like a special purchase your love one needs to make). Please write what this transaction is for in the “Description,” including invoice number if you were sent an invoice or specifics of the purchase if your loved one has a unique item need to buy while in treatment.