For all your treatment and facility questions

What Should I Bring for Treatment?

Do Bring:

  • One week’s worth of clothing including a comfortable set of exercise clothes and appropriate swimwear during summer
  • Personal toiletries
  • High efficiency laundry detergent

What Items are NOT allowed?

DO NOT BRING (these items will be immediately confiscated):

  • Drugs or alcohol in any form
  • Pornographic material in any form
  • Inappropriate CDs or MP3s (vulgar language, drug use, sexually explicit, etc.)
  • Inappropriate clothing (including gang affiliation)
  • Rated R or inappropriate videos or DVDs
  • Computers or TVs
  • Cell phones or other communication devices
  • Jewelry (except for watch and/or wedding ring)
  • Playing cards

Do Belongings Get Searched?

Yes, everything that is brought with an individual, by a family member or delivered in the mail will be searched. This is for the safety of our clients and is done to ensure successful outcomes during and after residential treatment.

Can My Family Visit?

Yes, we encourage and incorporate family education and support throughout the rehabilitation process.