Drug Rehab San Diego

In that Ascend has established a reputation as one of the most clinically sound residential treatment centers in the western region, we have seen an ever-increasing amount of clients from California and specifically the greater San Diego area.  These clients have found Ascend an effective option as a way to leave some of the more negative aspects about their current environment and get a fresh start with a recovery centered life.  The greater Salt Lake City area is a location that is far enough to allow for clients to effectively begin a life in recovery and is still close enough to home that they report not feeling so far away.  Though some of the clients that come to Ascend from California relocate to Utah to take full advantage of Ascends industry leading aftercare program, some clients coming from California choose to return to California after completing their stay at Ascend.  As a result of having so many clients come from California, we have established key relationships with aftercare resources in various California locations so that these clients can effectively follow up on their aftercare and maintain the healthy parts of their current home environment.  All of these solutions allow clients from California to take advantage of Ascend Recovery’s effective residential treatment program to achieve lasting sobriety in their lives.

Ascend Recovery has a professional drug rehab San Diego program for long-term and outpatient care located in beautiful Highland, Utah.  If you or someone you care about has an addiction, our expert therapists will help with the multi-faceted issues involved with breaking an addiction and establishing a healthy lifestyle.  Drug rehab San Diego is specialized to treat dependencies with many substances:

  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Amphetamine

Our Therapies at Drug Rehab San Diego

Modern research and patient achievement is teaching us that there are unique ways for each client to overcome an addiction with strength and success.  At Drug Rehab San Diego, our clinicians and therapists are trained and open to many methods, often incorporating several in customized client treatment plans.

  1. Group Treatment – Drug Rehab San Diego therapists meet in small groups with clients to give the opportunity for teambuilding and for clients to learn from one another.
  2. Individual Care – Regular one on one appointments allow clinicians to understand personal needs and customize treatment plans accordingly.  Success at our Ascend Recovery treatment facility, including drug rehab San Diego program, is based on exceptional staff-to-patient ratios and quality interaction.  All are trained to monitor the many facets of addiction including chemical, emotional, social, and physical.
  3. Exercise & Yoga – In honoring a holistic approach, drug rehab San Diego programs include regular exercise and yoga to increase focus, strength, and well-being.  Expert trainers offer challenging and rewarding activity catering to your fitness levels.
  4. Nutrition – While drug dependencies damage many areas of life as well as the physical body, a balanced diet is an essential core to our drug rehab San Diego treatment center.  It cleanses the cells and systems of poisons, builds healthy signals in the brain, and begins to allow the strength necessary to overcome physical and emotional weaknesses.
  5. Equine Therapy – Trained horses become a trusted friend to help people express emotion and develop goals when there seems no other safe outlet.  This is part of our experiential therapy program at drug rehab San Diego.
  6. Ropes Course – A ropes course and other physical challenges gives the opportunity for those in the healing process to face fears, express confidence, and feel empowered in achievement.  Drug rehab San Diego incorporates group therapy into these experiences because encouraging others can help all with recovery.
  7. Experiential Therapy – It is easy to see that drug rehab San Diego offers much more than modern treatment within the walls of our center.  On site, clients learn strategies for recovery and healing, then appropriate activities give opportunity for each to apply and practice what they are learning.  Experiential therapy offers necessary outlet for creativity and expression, learning and growth.  At drug rehab San Diego, this includes equine therapy, ropes courses, art therapy, among others.
  8. Auriculotherapy – This holistic treatment stimulates pathways that have been altered due to an addiction.  Professional neurological practitioners at drug rehab San Diego can relieve cravings and help patients rebuild healthy habits.
  9. Aftercare – The foundation and growth learned through treatment at drug rehab San Diego facilities is most successful when followed by regular aftercare programs.  Our staff continues to offer individual and group support because we care about the healthy lifestyles in each of our patients.


Call Drug Rehab San Diego Specialists Today

The only way to healing is to make a phone call and begin the journey of recovery.  Our drug rehab San Diego staff is happy to talk to you about the addiction, our services, and how we will help rebuild the best life possible for you or your loved one.  Look at our comparison chart, have confidence in our endorsements, and call drug rehab San Diego specialists today.

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